We’re the Sullivan family, a family of six: Samantha, Paul, Jack, Tom, Lily and George.

We have been moving around the world as a family for many years, exploring and following opportunities.

kids at malta national aquarium

Malta National Aquarium

Born in England, New Zealand and Australia!

We are originally from the United Kingdom, emigrated to New Zealand in 2002 where we worked and travelled for 3 years before the arrival of our eldest son in 2005. Two more children were born in Christchurch, New Zealand: Tom and Lily. We have been homeschooling since our eldest Jack was 6 years old. We moved from New Zealand to Australia at the end of 2011. We have moved houses many times; 9 addresses in New Zealand in 9 years and that included living in a house we bought for 3 years!

We moved to Australia at the end of 2011 for a job contract that extended from 18 months to just over 3 years. Whilst in Australia we welcomed our 4th child and 3rd son George to the family on Mother’s Day in 2013. At the end of that contract we returned to New Zealand, to house sit for my parents whilst they went to the UK to visit one of my brothers. We had no firm plans but ended up staying for a year whilst husband took on a job and we tidied our house up for sale (we had rented it out whilst we were in Australia).

House in New Zealand sold – what then?

The house sold in March 2016 and we immediately bought flight tickets to Kuala Lumpur!

We spent 10 days in Kuala Lumpur trying to avoid peanuts as Jack suffers from anaphylaxis. We then travelled to Malta via a quick overnight stay in Istanbul. We stayed in Malta for 2 1/2 months and then our next stop was the UK to pick up the children’s British passports and renew mine. We had planned to stay in the UK for just a couple of weeks or a year. We hadn’t quite decided what our plans were right up until we had confirmation the passports had arrived. We rented cottages near Newcastle, Lancaster and Durham and spent a week in Cornwall. As soon as the passports arrived it was decision time…so we headed for Gran Canaria for warmer weather and to try and learn Spanish of course!

We have been working on our finances, businesses and building this website so we can continue to travel for as long as possible and share our journey. We don’t really know where we are going or when, but we will get there in our own time – no rush!

…’Going Where the Wind Blows’…

We do hope you will follow our adventures?

Have a look around – more to come!

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sullivan family photo at stonehenge