Where Can I Visit With An English Heritage Pass?

You are wondering if an English Heritage annual pass is good value for money with plenty of sites to visit? Well, English Heritage manage over 400 sites in England. Sites range from castles and prehistoric sites to medieval villages.

  • 66 castles
  • 58 prehistoric sites
  • 53 Roman sites
  • 47 halls, houses and domestic dwellings
  • 23 historical gardens
  • 47 London statues
  • 84 ecclesiastical sites
  • 27 forts and defences

Other sites include: medieval villages, agricultural, municipal and industrial sites, historical bridges, palaces, a battlefield, a cold war bunker and a couple of hill figures.

Sites for everyone and for all ages!

Cost of An English Heritage Annual Pass

The cost of an English Heritage annual pass varies depending on your age and whether you require an individual adult pass, qualify as a senior or student, or want to get a great value family pass. Options include being able to pay monthly by direct debit, annually or opt for a lifetime members pass with additional benefits. NB lifetime pass is not available to families.

  • An English Heritage annual pass or membership for our family of 2 adults & 4 children cost us just £76.80 in July 2017

We saved £19.20 off the full price of £96.00 using a 15% discount code EH2019 (code valid in 2019)

Children go FREE! We only have 4 children but a family pass for 2 adults allows you to take up to 12 children under the age of 19. Children must be within the same family group.

For up to date pricing, full list of benefits and to join online please visit the English Heritage website.

Is An English Heritage Annual Pass Really Good Value For Money?

Absolutely YES as long as you visit a few sites! A bit like a gym membership, if you buy for the year but only go for a week then it’s not good value. Likewise if you buy an English Heritage annual pass but only visit one castle, then no, an annual pass will not save you money!

For example: Our pass cost £76.80 (with the 15% discount)

We are currently visiting Cornwall and our nearest English Heritage site is Pendennis Castle. Before our membership pack even arrived we were able to use the pass that was emailed to us.

Membership Pack

The membership pack includes member cards, kids activity book, bookmark, members handbook (value £10.95) and car sticker.


Our Savings With An English Heritage Annual Family Pass

As non-members a visit to Pendennis Castle would have cost £8.40 per adult and £5 per child (our youngest is under 5 so is free). So, 2 adults plus 3 children aged 5 to 15 would have cost us £31.80

NB A family ticket can be purchased for £21.80 (2 adults and up to 3 children aged 5 to 15) – thus saving £10

We are visiting again during the school summer holidays to attend a Grand Medieval Joust. As English Heritage annual pass holders we get great discounts on special event prices. e.g. an adult event ticket for this Medieval event costs £11.60, but for members it’s only £3.20 each & children are £1.90 instead of £6.90! So, we’re saving £31.80 on this event alone with our English Heritage membership benefits!

Plus, there’s also a Pirate Day coming up soon too and we love any excuse to dress up as pirates!

So, just by visiting Pendennis Castle three times and heading over to nearby St Mawes Castle we will easily have covered the cost of our Family English Heritage Annual Pass. There are many more sites for us to explore in Cornwall and we will add posts as we visit them.

English Heritage annual pass value for money

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Children sitting on cannon at Pendennis Castle