Why did we choose the title we chose for our blog?

Going where the wind blows!

We spent many hours deciding on a name (most of the ideas we had already had registered domains – so someone had the same ideas as us but got their first!). I lost count of all the names I typed in to the Namecheap search box and pressed enter. I know many people use Go Daddy but we have remained loyal to Namecheap since we bought our first domain many years ago.

I digress (apologies I do that a lot). Our ultimate dream is to own a boat and go sailing ~ around the world would be amazing!

My husband learned to sail in dinghies when he was a child, I was a kayaker. We completed a sailing course together in Lyttelton harbour, Banks Peninsula, New Zealand during our pre-children era. On completion of our course we practiced sailing with a friend who needed crew for ‘fun’ racing in his little Farr due to his advancing years…and YES I think the old man and his green grew actually won a race once!

jamarhWe went on a return trip Catamaran break for a few days in the Marlborough Sounds one Christmas Holiday on Jamarh. This is where a charter has finished in one port and the skipper needs to get his boat back to home port. We booked on to the discounted return trip not knowing if the boat would be full or not. It was a wonderful, relaxing trip with just us and the skipper. A magical few days sailing leisurely through the sounds, free-diving for Paua (not allowed to use Scuba gear), fishing for Blue Cod, kayaking, swimming, reading, listening to music and drinking Gin, wine and beer!

We have always loved looking at boats, drawn to marinas just looking and dreaming about owning. One day we will get there ~ one day soon!

Come, follow our adventures as we creep a little closer to this dream – as our youngest of 4 children is not quite 6 months while I write this we may consider a ‘land boat’ (caravan) in the interim and just get travelling!

We will share our lives with you ~ read more on the ‘About Us’ page.

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I can’t promise to post every day or every week but we will be here, or there, or somewhere else!

wander banner We will follow different paths, evaluate each opportunity that presents itself, take chances, be adventurous, have fun, explore and wander but ultimately we will be “Going Where The Wind Blows”!