Welcome to our large family travel blog.

I don’t mean large blog, I mean large family. We have four children which apparently is more than average! Our family travel experiences are different from many other families travelling the world. Whether it be sourcing affordable accommodation, safe food to cater for our many allergies and food preferences; or taking things slowly because of the various sensory and behavioural issues common within a family who identifies with the autism spectrum; you can find our related posts here! Collated on one page for ease – use the search function for more specific post results.

Dressing up as Pirates in Cornwall is so much fun!

We love dressing up as pirates! Our family loves dressing up as pirates and where better to do that than in Cornwall! We heard on the radio (Pirate FM) about the world record attempt happening in Penzance so quickly bought our entry tickets. Next was sorting out our...

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Is An English Heritage Annual Pass Good Value for Money?

Where Can I Visit With An English Heritage Pass? You are wondering if an English Heritage annual pass is good value for money with plenty of sites to visit? Well, English Heritage manage over 400 sites in England. Sites range from castles and prehistoric sites to...

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How To Reduce Stress When Travelling With Children

What Raises Our Anxiety Levels When Travelling Stress can be a constant companion when you are a parent of four children and suffer from anxiety. Every day presents potentially stressful scenarios and situations and that's without even leaving home. Add in a strange...

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Travel Blogger Milestone – My First Guest Post!

It's True I'm A Real Life Travel Blogger! As you know, well you do if you've been reading my posts, I'm a writer and also a travel blogger! I have been writing for the Internet platform for years now. Spent many hours writing keyword rich articles for Ezine Articles....

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How does an unschooling family learn new languages?

Is it important to learn new languages? YES! As a family we believe it is important to learn new languages. To be world travellers, raising world citizens we believe exploring new countries involves learning about culture, history and language. The length of time we...

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Travelling with Young Children and Keeping It Real

I am the Queen of Procrastination! I do not make that claim lightly. Waiting until the very last minute to do anything is something I am notorious for. Never on time, lost count of the amount of flights, buses or taxis I've almost missed! I need a deadline to start...

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Gluten free Malta – is it all pizza and pasta?

Gluten Free Malta - Surviving on a Gluten Free diet in Malta and Gozo was easy! One of the first things we have to do quickly when arriving in any new destination is source gluten free options. We thrived on a gluten free Malta diet of salads, pizza, bread and pasta...

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We did it! What? Sold our house & belongings!

The adventure begins! Yes. I am finally posting about starting our adventure and setting out to explore the world. Not sure how far we will get or where we will go, when and for how long. If you are curious about why? where? and how? read on and follow the adventures...

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Our 3 bedroom apartment in Mellieha, Malta

Home for 7 weeks is a second floor apartment in a quiet residential area in Mellieha, Malta. Going to get fit with no lift and lots of stairs to climb! We found this apartment with the assistance of the Frank Salt real estate agents who have holiday and long term...

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Australia to New Zealand to house sit, then who knows?

We are currently in New Zealand with no plans beyond 3 weeks of house sitting for my parents on their lifestyle property near Darfield! Crazy but true, we just packed up our belongings and sent them off to be shipped to New Zealand via Brisbane. We held monster garage...

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We had ourselves a little overseas adventure!

Christmas 2013 we went to the North Pole via Sydney! Well not exactly - we had been planning a UK trip with the children since L was born over 3 years ago. Finally we had an opportunity with money in the bank and the potential for P to get paid time off work over...

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