It’s True I’m A Real Life Travel Blogger!

As you know, well you do if you’ve been reading my posts, I’m a writer and also a travel blogger!

I have been writing for the Internet platform for years now. Spent many hours writing keyword rich articles for Ezine Articles. Under an alias of course. That was in the good old days of article marketing for affiliate websites. Sadly, those days are long gone and it seems to be all about social shares and popularity to rank for search engines now. This means I really have to get to grips with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and 100’s of other social sites. Most of which I didn’t even know existed until a few months ago!

Publishing articles with Ezine doesn’t pay directly, you write for links to your websites to generate traffic. Many of my articles were stolen without credit – naive of me I know!  This theft can lead to duplicate content issues which search engines do not approve of and even penalise. There really is a lot of ‘stuff’ to learn to be successful at this online marketing!

Now I am a ‘real’ travel blogger! Because having this website makes me a writer. But a guest post with my name on, now that’s real travel blogging and I like it!

sam travel blogger hard at work

My Experiences Writing on iWriter

Anyway, for confidence, experience and just general proof that I can write what people want to buy and read I started an account with iWriter. The pay in the beginning is terrible, I mean $2 for 400 words is just awful! You have to start off as basic though. By getting approved articles and high star ratings you get work up to being able to accept the better paid work. Be warned you have to pass an English grammar test – I passed but gosh I was apprehensive! I wish they had a sample writing assessment so you could skip the basic articles entirely.

An iWriter Word of Caution!

Again I had work stolen here too. You quickly learn to avoid those requesters with low star ratings, high rejection rates and those with unrealistic expectations or poorly written briefs. A client would reject the article and give me 2 stars saying my work was full of bad English! I would contest to get article reviewed, star rating changed but I didn’t get paid for those. To date I have had 7 out of 207 articles unfairly rejected i.e. stolen on iWriter. To be fair some writers send the clients rubbish, spun articles and they have no choice but to reject them. However, if you’re prepared to pay such a low rate you have to wonder what they expect.

Getting Paid More On iWriter

Some of the clients got lucky, they got me working my way up the ranks, nothing spun or non-native English about my work!

I needed 30 articles I think with an average star rating over 4 stars to be able to accept higher paid jobs. So, I wrote a lot of vacuum cleaner reviews for one particular client who was setting up a new website! Next level up from a Standard writer, writing basic level articles was Premium, paying on average $4.50 for 400 to 500 words! From here it was a case of writing more and getting 5 star ratings to boost my average over 4.6 to qualify as an Elite Writer. With 200 articles written and regular 5 star ratings I am now an Elite Plus writer and I can accept the highest paid articles at $24.30 for 400 words! There’s not many of those ever available on anything I would like to write about to be honest!

My iWriter rating is 4.8981 stars after 162 reviews and I’m quite proud of that.

I love my little, lightweight laptop! Browse for similar Acer Aspire E11's on Amazon

I love my little, lightweight laptop! Click to browse for similar Acer Aspire E11’s on Amazon

Working With Clients on iWriter

Through some of the basic and premium writing that I did in the early days with iWriter I was added to some clients favourite writer lists. Some of the topics I wrote about included pests in the UK, places to visit in various cities, essential oils, being an empath, amber necklaces for teething babies. I can write about most things! Pet descriptions and company profiles were much easier than fashion or celebrities! I have written about life-jackets and charter boat sailing in the Bahamas – we’ll get there one day! You get the idea!

Time Limits & Writing Deadlines

Working to a deadline is hard for me! With iWriter each article is assigned a time limit: 2 hours for 400 words, 3 hours for 500 words etc. The good titles disappear from the available list quickly! As soon as you have checked out the brief or special instructions and accepted the job the timer starts. You then have to research, write, edit, proofread and submit within that assigned time limit.

The time limit is one reason I prefer special requests as they are for me only (usually) other writers can’t see them. I start the timer when I’m ready to start writing. The client sets how many days you have before you have to start writing. Special requests are a much more family friendly way of me working. Sometimes I will do a bit of research before I start that timer. Timers are good for making me work to that deadline, not good when something happens to take up my writing time.


Click image to see what iWriter is all about.

Special Requests & Commissions on iWriter

I now only accept special requests at Elite level or above and rarely look for new clients. If a topic grabs me that I want to write about or there’s a bill to be paid I might be tempted!  Pay is around $8.10 for 500 words, but can be more with special requests and commissioned articles. I am trying to build up our own websites. However, it is nice to get that Paypal notification now and again to add to the travel fund. Building a blog that generates an income takes time and effort!

When a client sends through a special request you get paid a little more. I recently picked up an article about Qawra in Malta where we had just spent nearly three months. It is considerably easier to write about topics I am familiar with. The client was happy with my article, so I mentioned that we had lived in Malta for a few months. We talked about possible future commissioned titles. I successfully secured commissions for two more articles.

  • The first article was about Heritage Malta sites and purely for promotion of their website and the City Sightseeing Bus Tours.
  • The second article was written as a personal account and became my first official paid guest travel blogger post!

My Guest Post is about Gozo, Malta

We loved our stay on Gozo and it was fun to write about our activities. There is a lot to see on a little island in just 10 days, so we will have to go back one day. There are also no personal photos included. But, I was paid to write it and that’s awesome!

Would you like to read my guest post about a family visit to Gozo? Click here!

My other regular client requests see me writing about a wide variety of topics. These include writing company profiles and promotional articles for New Zealand businesses, for a Kapiti based client. But, my favourite articles to write are about sailing and exotic charter yacht destinations! I even wrote one about cocktails and boat recipes. Keeping the boat dream alive!

Living the dream! Yacht, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

Living the dream!
Yacht, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria


My Experience Writing for Travelicious

A friend shared a post about the Travelicious website looking for guest travel writers. I submitted my article about the Koorana Crocodile Farm in Queensland, Australia and waited, and waited, and waited. My article was eventually accepted and I got paid my $20.

Next step in their application process is you set up a travel blog and add 5 large content posts (1000+ words) to it and send them the link for approval. Then you write a 6th article for publication on their website which you can then link to and promote. The plan was to get paid for that post but the request never came so I didn’t write it. I never received any more emails after that.They did reimburse me the $40 for the website setting up, the first post and the link!

Is Writing for Travelicious a Scam?

Maybe? Not sure? I certainly never got another email asking for more writing. Although their website and facebook page seem pretty active with writers and new posts. The website owners seem to have a big budget for getting articles and links for their promotion and marketing though. They had a lot of problems in the beginning with their emails and the writing system. Might follow up now I’m writing more as they do pay $40 for articles I think.

Wasn’t a complete waste of time though as I have future plans for that domain and the content I wrote for my site! I am not referring to Going Where the Wind Blows obviously.

Six Types of Writer?

So, apparently there are six different types of writer.

Which one are you?

is travel blogger one of the six types of writers

My Six Types of Writer Test Results

  • Space Cadet 33%
  • Ray of Sunshine 33%
  • Greasy Palm 33%
  • Angry Young Man/Woman 33%
  • Bitter Failure 20%

So that’s 152% a confused writer then who hasn’t found her niche. My conclusion is that the creator of this test was not good at mathematics! I was hoping I would be a weird recluse to be honest!

Content to be a travel blogger and affiliate marketer for now!